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A consequence of quarantine, lockdown, and isolation has resulted in an imminent shift to the adoption of digital solutions. From virtual events to hybrid solutions and offline participation, the landscape of event management has experienced drastic changes. E Factor understands the need of the hour – to rethink events.

We bring to fore our expertise and finesse in creating concept based social events. The key characteristics of memorable hybrid events feature an engaging experience for the audience, opportunities for networking, personalized touches, and collection of a treasure trove of data for deriving meaningful insights.

Whatever the model, meaningful interactions and seamless, personalized customer experiences are paramount. We make it possible with a powerful backend operational model and a platform that enables flexibility and scalability for getting the envisioned results.

E Factor is ready to support you in navigating the new reality of event management and help you execute events by rendering a holistic, one-stop solution to all your event management needs with the help of a sophisticated suite of commodities. This enables in creating a seamless journey for organizers, members, and attendees – be it offline, virtual or hybrid events.