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interplay of the five senses to create experiential stories


At E-Factor, the mindscapes are an expression of the myriad skills that have been honed with each event.

At E-Factor, the E stands for manifesting experiences at any event – an onslaught on the ‘sensory’ which resonates with gratification for both the guest and the host. ‘God is in Details’ – is the mantra for the team. Our in-house designing & production facilities are our pivotal pillars that allow us to serve our clients and conceptualise their dreams better.



E-factor would like to be the first choice for organizations and families looking for unique, one-of-a-kind events. We are dedicated to conceiving, designing and executing events that surpass the objectives envisioned for them and create the WOW factor that is the hallmark of every E-factor event.

Like any business module that runs on the very basis of commercial success, we, at E-Factor, are almost, always fuelled by the pat on our back for an event exceptionally well-delivered. To be able to deliver beyond expectations and exceed the imagination is our prime motive.

As we know,

It’s best to go the extra mile… ‘coz it’s never crowded!