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One of our biggest success factors is our ability to execute the events on a turnkey basis – be it the event planning, site development, event communications including invitations, guest registrations, event presentations, team management, timetable management, catering, photography and video recording, license liaison, event security or web streaming.


We understand that sport has its own unique way to establish a share in the heart and mind of its spectators. E Factor uses its detailed knowledge of the sector to ensure that client investment is leveraged to its full advantage, and we are perfectly placed to align sports with the event and hospitality industries. We have been working with sponsors, teams as well as the sports federations. We have proved our ability with some turnkey tournaments like Ultimate Kho-Kho and Champions Boat League in Kerela.

We believe we have the capacity for innovation that supports to transform the sports industry. Sport leagues, races and competitions are not just about the victory or loss, but it facilitates an opportunity to encapsulate the invigorating emotions of the spectators and team players. These innovations have enhanced every area of sports marketing including distribution of sports rights, host broadcast, digital media, programme production, event operations, brand development, sponsorship and online entertainment.